Our members often call looking for resource information.  To aid our members we have created this resource page on the EID website.  It is currently broken into three categories.  We anticipate adding more equipment and software options as well as more technical papers.  The manufacturer’s listing is an ongoing challenge as manufacturer’s come, go or are acquired.

  • Equipment & Software – EDI does not specifically endorse the use of any brands of equipment or software.  That said, many of our inspectors have found that the equipment and software listed in the drop down to be very beneficial for their inspection business.
  • Manufacturers – The dropdown provides a list of websites and contact information for many of the EIFS, Stucco, Adhered Natural Stone Veneer, Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer and Panelized Stone Systems.  Manufacturers continue to open for business and close or are purchased resulting in a constantly changing list; thus, this list most likely will not be all inclusive or may include some manufactures that are out of business.
  • Technical Papers – The last drop down provides links to several technical papers that Certified EDI Members have found useful.  Some documents (e.g., Specifications for Cleaning EIFS) are produced by EDI while others are documents published by others.  Some are older historical documents that provide an understanding of how building envelope requirements have evolved.