Member Certificates

Level 1: 3rd Party Wall Cladding Inspector and Moisture Analyst Certificate

Certified Members taught the proper installation methods for EIFS, MD-EIFS, Stucco, basic moisture analysis and how to research and evaluate other wall claddings.

Level 2:  Building Envelope Inspector Certificate

Prerequisite: Level 1 Certification
Certified Members taught the methodology of how to investigate wall cladding installation concerns and moisture intrusion concerns.

ASV:  Adhered Stone Veneer Inspector Certificate

Prerequisites: Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications
Certified Members covered different types of stone and their installation methods, how to perform 3rd party inspections of ASV and evaluate and test existing installations of ASV.

Toxic Drywall: EDI Toxic Drywall Inspector Certificate

This course is designed to train inspectors to conduct on site chemical testing to determine presence of suspect toxic Chinese drywall.
Recommended for home inspectors, building diagnostics consultants, engineers, architects, and licensed remediation contractors during the Toxic Drywall crisis.