EDI Annual Membership Renewal


Renew your membership now. Membership renewals come due on the first-year anniversary and every subsequent anniversary of you joining the Exterior Design Institutes ranks as an EDI Certified Member.  Annual renewal notices will be mailed to you the month prior to or the month of your renewal.

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EDI’s annual membership dues are $200.00.  Upon payment of your dues, EDI will issue a one-year Certificate for your Membership in EDI including a current EDI identification badge.  To expedite the issuance and mailing of the EDI badge please email a current photo for your ID to ron@exteriordesigninstitute.org.  If your contact information has changed please send new contact information to the above email address.  A receipt should automatically be emailed to you for your payment.  If paying by credit card please put the inspectors name and EDI ID number in the Additional Information box at bottom of the payment page.