Please make a selection for the Nashville EDI & Cumberland Inspection Seminar. If you are unsure which class to purchase, please contact EDI.

There are two seminars: The Cumberland Inspection Seminar, abbreviated CIS, and the EDI Adheres Stone Veneer and Inspection Techniques Seminar, abbreviated ASV.
A third class is available for Non-Members: the EDI online EIFS Inspector, Moisture Analyst and Quality Control Certification Course, abbreviated EIFS Online.
Based upon what you want to attend there are 5 Event Options to choose how to register:
1. CIS Seminar Only
2. ASV Seminar Only
3. CIS and ASV Seminars
4. ASV Seminar and the EIFS Online Course
5. CIS Seminar, ASV Seminar, and the EIFS Online Course

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