Mark Parlee

Mark Parlee


Mark Parlee has been in the construction industry since the age of 19, even continuing with it on the side while he worked in electronic communications for about four years. It adds up to over 40 years of hands-on experience.  Having cut his teeth on framing and siding, he expanded into homebuilding and remodeling for many years. As a result, he has seen hundreds of structures being built, and has seen hundreds of structures being re-sided and having windows replaced. This gives him vast knowledge of what goes on underneath exterior cladding. He knows what methods fail, and what methods stand the test of time.

As a result, Mark became the “go to” guy for construction defect issues in the local community, particularly when it came to moisture intrusion. The lumber yard, other suppliers, various contractors, and subcontractors would say, “You need to talk to Mark Parlee,” when they heard of construction defect issues. And that is how his business as The Building Consultant came into existence; there was a local need and respect for his knowledge. His articles in publications like Journal of Light Construction have generated a lot of interest in tapping into his knowledge. His clientele is all over the country now, and includes attorneys, homeowners, homeowners’ associations, contractors, and subcontractors. In addition, Mark also enjoys presenting continuing education workshops to inspectors, builders, architects, and other trade industries.

Mark’s knowledge base coupled with a great desire for helping others learn so that they can build right in the first place, or correct existing problems, is what he wholeheartedly brings to EDI.


The Building Consultant



Industry experience

44 years

Industry Education/Certifications

AIA accredited CE seminars. Various seminars regarding sealants, waterproofing, insulated cladding,
and building diagnostics.
Iowa Association of Building Officials seminar
Journal of Light Construction seminars
University of Minnesota Radon mitigation & testing
EDI (Exterior Design Institute) Certified EIFS Inspector/Moisture Analyst/Quality Control, Building Envelope II, Steep Slope Roof Inspector
ICC (International Code Council) Performing residential energy inspections
DuPont Certified Tyvek Installer
Level I Infrared Thermographer (The Snell Group)
Certified Residential Thermographer (Monroe Infrared)
BESI (Building Envelope Science Institute) Certified Building Envelope Investigator (BEC2)

Work Experience

Parlee Projects, Inc., President, 1980 to current – new construction, interior and exterior renovations
The Building Consultant, President, 2008 to current – consultant on construction defects and moisture intrusion, expert witness, seminar instructor

Industry Training/As Instructor

Guest Speaker & Instructor (re: moisture intrusion/ exterior envelope)
NAHB Remodelers Council: “Moisture Intrusion in the Building Envelope – It’s Your Problem”
LIRCA Iowa Roofing Contractors Assoc.
Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines
AIA Iowa Convention 2011 workshop: “Moisture Intrusion in the Building Envelope – It’s Your Problem”
AIA Iowa Convention 2012 workshop: “Moisture Intrusion in the Building Envelope – It’s Your Problem; It Continues”
Law of Construction Defects & Failures Seminar for CEU’s for the professional fields of architects, engineers, & attorneys
Invited lecturer Architecture 528 E: Architecture Forensics
Department of Architecture, College of Design, Iowa State University
Minnesota Society of Home Inspectors Fall 2013 continuing education seminar/8hrs CEU’s
Iowa Association for Justice Annual Personal Injury Seminar 2014: Bad Builders…What’cha Gonna Do? – Litigating Defective Construction Cases
EDI (Exterior Design Institute) Instructor: Building Envelope Stone Veneers
ASHI’s Inspection World 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 2 hour Continuing Ed course “Inspecting the Exterior Envelope – Cladding Failures
from the Forensic Expert”
Advanced AMV Inspections: Inspecting Exterior Cladding- “Just a Stain”
Alliant Energy Builder Training 2015 (Call the Shots Builder Training Workshop)
Alliant Energy Builder Training 2016 (The Next Level Builder Training Workshop)
Garden States ASHI 2017 (Presented 8 credit hours of CE to New Jersey Home Inspectors and Builders)
Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (MAC-ASHI) 2017 (Presented 4 hrs CE on the building envelope.)
B4 Better Buildings Conference- Wisconsin 2 credit hours “Moisture in the Building Envelope…It’s Your Problem”
ASHI Western Washington (8 hrs CE Building Envelope)
ASHI Indiana (8 hrs CE Building Envelope)
ASHI Keystone (Pennsylvania) (4 hrs CE Building Envelope)

Favorite Quote

“You build to code; code is the minimum to pass the test. Congratulations. Your grade is a D-.” – Mark Parlee